Established in
and first on the market
years unique experience
We offer you
whale guarantee!


Strategically located between the famous tourist destinations such as Lofoten and North Cape, you find Andenes and Hvalsafari AS (Whalesafari Andenes). Our company is the first, largest and most experienced provider of whale watching in Norway. Since the start in 1989 we have gained unique experience and knowledge, which makes our crew the best when it comes to searching for whales. We can therefore offer you 100% whale guarantee!


As the market leader with the longest experience, the greatest expertise and of course the whale guarantee, we believe it is safe to choose us as your whale safari operator. In addition, Andenes the best starting point for conducting whale watching since no other place along the Norwegian coast is so close to the edge of the continental shelf. This makes the travel time to the whale grounds shortest possible and we can thus spend more time among the whales.

“Hvalsafari AS in Andenes is the worlds biggest and best operator of Arctic whale safari!” The Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)


It is still uncertain if the weather will be good enough for the whale safari tomorrow, 21st March. The decision will be made at 9.30. The guided tour in the whale exhibiton will take place at 9.00 for all interested guests (also possible later).

For tomorrow 20th March, it is uncertain if we will be able to run the whale safari. The boat departure will certainly not happen before 11. You are welcome to join the engaging guided tour of the whale exhibition at 9.30, more information about the boat will come at 10.30.

The outlook for the whale safari tomorrow, 19th March, is very uncertain. There is a risk for the trip to be cancelled because of increasingly strong wind out at sea. More information at 9 am tomorrow, check-in time.

The weather seems OK for the whale safari tomorrow 18th March. Meet at 10 to check in, at 10.30 we'll have the guided tour in our whale exhibition, and the boat will depart at 12, assuming that the weather forecast is right.

The whale safari tomorrow is very uncertain, the weather and sea forecast are quite negative at the moment. The final decision about the boat departure, planned at 11.00, will be made in the morning. Guided tour in the museum at 9.30 for anyone interested.

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