We can offer a variety of package tours during summer and winter. The packages are put together by us and our partners to provide you with a unique experience of what we all have to offer. If you want to create your own package of selected activities, we also offer that opportunity.

“Would you like to put together your own package of experiences? Please contact us …”

Hvalsafari AS


More information about summer packages are coming soon. Briefly, we can offer the same activities for winter packages except typical winter activities like aurora safari etc. For the time being, please contact us for further information regarding summer packages.


We offer winter packages in cooperation with other activity providers locally and in the region. Typical winter activities like northern lights safari is offered only during the period November to March while other activities such as whale safari are offered all year around.

Winter package “Winter Light and Nature”

Click here to download information about our winter package “Winter Light and Nature”. The package includes:

  • Winter whale safari with us.
  • Visit the Spaceship Aurora at Andøya Rocket Range.
  • Visit at the Sami center and experience Sami culture.
  • Local cultural events.
  • Photo- and research seminar.
  • Accommodation (hotel, hostel, guesthouse, fishermans cabin).
  • Meals.
  • Transportation from and to Andenes airport.
  • Northern light safari.

Other packages

We are currently developing various packages. If you’re interested in package tours, please contact us using the contact form to the right.