1. Do you arrange whale safari trips if it rains?

Yes we do! The only weather conditions that could cause a trip to be cancelled is dense fog or strong winds. Even these cases are not absolute since it also depends on how long it has blown, wind direction, sea currents and more. We have in certain cases also completed tours in fog with success. Another issue is that the weather conditions on land does´t necessarily represent the conditions at sea. The captain makes an assessment in each case based on his knowledge of weather, sea conditions, currents etc. On this basis he will decide if a trip can be executed or not. We have a simple suggestion, always ask us if there will be a trip or not.

2. Will the boats disturb the whales?

During our 30 years of operation we have built up an unique experience in how to relate to whales in the best possible way. When it comes to technology, our  boats are equipped with propellers that generate less noise and rotate slower than propellers on smaller boats like RIBs, sail boats, yachts etc. Furthermore, we have hydrophones (underwater microphones) which allows us to follow the whales’ sound and thus positioning us so that the whale surfaces as close as possible, which in turn allows us to use less engine power. However, the most important factor is how captains approach the whales and uses engine power / propeller. Here comes the experience of the captain and crew in and we are in no doubt that nobody can do it better than us. All in all, it’s rare to see signs of stress on whales during our tours. Should it happen, we will try to find another whale since our purpose is to watch the whales with minimal disturbance.

3. How close to the whales do we get?

This is a difficult question to answer since there are many factors that come into account like weather and sea conditions, whether the whale is an old acquaintance or newcomer, whale species etc. Under optimal conditions, we position ourselves in a way that all passengers can get good pictures even with a pocket camera / phone. Sometimes the whales wish to come alongside the boat. Again, it is the captain’s experience which is important since he has to balance between giving the passengers a good experience, safety on board as well as considering the well being of the whales.

4. What is included in the price?

The ticket price includes the following:

  • Whale guarantee.
  • Guided museum tour.
  • Guided boat trip to the whale grounds.
  • Coffee, tea and biscuits are served during the whole trip. On the way back, vegetable soup and bread are served on board M/S Reine.
  • Participant diploma.

5. What does whale guarantee mean?

Whale guarantee means that we give you another free ride on the first available trip if we do not find cetaceans (whales or dolphins) on the first trip. If you don´t have the opportunity to take a new trip, we pay the money back. This is a unique guarantee we can offer because we know our crew will do their utmost to ensure that the trips will be a success.

6. How often is a trip cancelled?

This is a difficult question to answer as it may vary from season to season. The most usual factor that can lead to cancellation is bad weather conditions, something we unfortunately can´t control. The captain must put the safety of our passengers highest. We therefore recommend that you put aside several days here in Andenes rather than betting everything on one specific day. All in all, most trips during a season are executed as planned.

7. Which types of whales can we see?

During summer it is mainly sperm whales that we find off Andenes. In addition, it is not unusual to encounter groups of killer whales or pilot whales. In winter, in addition to the sperm whales, there is a greater chance of seeing other whale types such as fin whales, humpback whales and killer whales. However, we can never guarantee what type of whale you get to see on our safari, but this is a part of the excitement as well.

8. Can I bring my dog on the boat?

It’s possible to bring dogs on M/S “Reine”. However, they have to sit in a cage/kennel (provided) during the excursion. If you would like to take your dog with you, you should reserve for it in our booking system.