If you travel along the road and want to get to Andenes, there are many different routes to explore. We want to highlight the project National Tourist Routes which is 18 routes through beautiful Norwegian nature where the experience is enhanced with innovative architecture and thought provoking art on personalized viewpoint and picnic areas. The Norwegian road authorities stands behind this work. On the route from Å, via the west side of Andøya and over to the outer side of Senja, you will find three of these wonderful routes. The best part is that during the tour you can stop and enjoy a whale safari with us. In addition to the routes along the National Tourist Route, there other route options that can be explored. We will on these pages give you some options among the many.

“Drive carefully! Hope to see you in Andenes soon…”


From North Cape

Coming down the E6 from the North Cape you can drive to Olsborg and then take county road 86 to Finnsnes and on to Gryllefjord where the ferry to Andenes departs. This is the blue route on our map.

From Tromsø

If your starting point is Tromsø, you can drive to Andenes in several ways. One option is to take the county road 862 to Brensholmen on Kvaløya and then take the ferry over to Botnhamn on the island Senja. From there you can drive along the outer side of Senja down to Gryllefjord. This part of the island has the status as a National Tourist Route and are marked as the red route on the map.

One can also drive from Tromsø over to Kvaløya and follow county road 858 through the underwater tunnel at Rya and onwards down through Malangseidet until you reach the E6. Then follow the E6 to Olsborg and join the blue route to Gryllefjord.

No ferries

For those who do not want to take the ferry from Gryllefjord to Andenes, follow the E6 down to Bjerkvik then follow the E10 west towards Gullesfjordbotn. From there follow Highway 85 to Sortland and continue on county road 82 towards Andenes.


“Vestsiden av Andøya er definert som Nasjonal turistvei og byr på fantastisk natur…”

From Lofoten

Coming from Lofoten you have two options to get to Andenes. If you start from Svolvær, take the E10 until Gullesfjordbotn on Hinnøya. Take the exit towards Sortland on highway 85. At the bridge to Sortland go straigh ahead and follow road 82 towards Andenes. This route is marked blue on our map.

Option two is to take the E10 from Svolvær to Fiskebøl. Then take the ferry from Fiskebøl to Melbu. Follow county road 82 to Sortland and drive over the bridge. On the other side, turn left and follow County Road 82 towards Andenes. This last decription is marked with gray color.

The west side of Andøya – National Tourist Route

When you get on Andøya, you can either go along the east side of the island and follow the main road or you could travel along the west side of the island. The west side is a National Tourist Route and offers spectacular scenery and is highly recommended! This route is marked with pink color.

Further north from Andenes

To get further north from Andenes, you can take the ferry to Gryllefjord and drive the county road 86 to Finnsnes and then to Olsborg. At Olsborg you can take the E6 going all the way up to the North Cape. Alternatively you can drive from Gryllefjord and follow the outer side of Senja along county road 862 which is a national tourist road. Then you have the possibility to take the ferry from Botnhamn to Brensholmen and then drive towards Tromsø.