In the tables below are departure times for summer- and winter safaris given. It is important to note that these times can be changed for various reasons such as sudden changes in weather conditions. If changes are neccesary, trips may be executed earlier or later to the departure times given here. It is therefore important to arrive at the whale centre well in advance to make sure that these situations are accounted for.

“If possible, we recommend not to bet everything on one day since weather conditions may lead to changes of the tours”Hvalsafari AS


The summer season starts in May and ends in September. At the beginning of May and in the second half of September we have a few departures, normally on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the end of May and at the beginning of September we usually have one trip a day. Please, contact us for the details. Otherwise during the period 1st – 19th June and 14th – 31st August the following departures are scheduled:

 MuseumBoat departureBoat
Trip 1:09:4511:00M/S "Reine"
Trip 2:14:4516:00M/S "Reine"

During the period June 20th – August 13th the following departures are scheduled:

 Museum visitBoat departureBoat
Trip 1:after the boat09:00M/S "Reine"
Trip 2:12:4514:00M/S "Reine"
Trip 3 (extra):17:4519:00M/S "Reine"


In the period 1 October –  15 November and 10 January – 31 March we usually have departures on Wedensdays and Saturdays for individual travelers, but changes can occur (for groups of 20+ departures can be arranged on any date). The available dates can be found on our Booking page.  Please contact us in case you want to book on other days.

 MuseumBoat departureBoat
Trip 1:09:0010:00/11:00M/S "Reine"


The duration of our tours will depend on several factors such as weather and sea conditions, which boat you are traveling with, and not least, how far out at sea we need to travel in order to find whales. If weather conditions are fair and the whales are to be found at a normal distance from land, we can say that a trip normally have the following duration:

BoatNormal duration
M/S "Reine"3 - 5 hours
M/S "Maan Dolphin"2 - 4 hours

During a season, 90% of trips lie within these estimates. However, some trips can due to different circumstances be shorter or longer. We can´t therefore under any circumstance be held liable for inconvenience these deviations may cause.