Whalesafari Ltd offers now winter whale safaris from Tromsø in addition to our summer and winter tours in Andenes. You can choose to participate in the whale safari tour on its own or as part of a travel package where other activities, accommodation, transportation and board are included as well.

The whale safari in Tromsø is carried out with hired boat and crew thanks to the cooperation with a local shipowner. However, we follow our own quality and safety standards on all these tours, and we have our own trained guides that will give the basic information about the whales to all our guests. And last but not least, we can offer our unique whale guarantee!

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Important! You will find all the necessary information about our whale safaris from Tromsø on this page. Other information on this web site that you can find by using the menu on the top is valid for our whale safari tours from Andenes. If in doubt, please, contact us.

“We can now offer winter whale safaris from Tromsø in addition to our summer and winter tours from Andenes…” Whalesafari Ltd


Our whale watching trips from Tromsø are carried out between November 4th and January 29th. The vessel used is M/S “Billefjord”, which is very well suited for whale watching trips. The boat has plenty of deck space outdoors and plenty of room inside the saloon that is equipped with large windows. Moreover, the vessel has got all the necessary certificates and meets all of the safety standards that are required by the authorities, in addition to our internal safety and quality requirements. Safety information will be provided on board before departure.


Our boat is moored close to the Polar Museum and has daily departures at. 9:00. The duration of the safari varies according to the whales’ whereabouts, but normally it lasts between 4 and 6 hours even though it can be a bit shorter or longer. We recommend that you book your trip in advance, but if you wish, you can meet up at the pier in advance and buy your ticket directly there provided that there is still available space on board.


Basically all our tours happen in sheltered waters so it is highly unlikely that we cancel the safari due to the weather. However sometimes we will not be able to carry out the whale safari because of wind and/or bad visibility, so we recommend, whenever possible, that you have a few days to spend in Tromsø. Tours can also be canceled if there are too few participants.

Although the boat has good facilities indoors, we recommend that you bring enough warm clothes with you. This is a winter safari and it will always be a bit colder when you stay outside. We have some overalls on board that you can borrow, but we recommend anyhow personal clothing.


  • Guided boat safari to the whale ground.
  • Free coffee/tea with biscuits on board. In addition you will be able to buy other drinks on board.
  • Certificate of participation.
  • Economical safety since we can offer you our unique whale guarantee:


We are going to offer our exclusive and unique whale guarantee for all our safaris in Tromsø as well. As the first and largest operator of whale watching in Norway, we are concerned that our customers get a complete experience. That means that we will offer you a new tour on the first available departure if we do not find the whales on the first attempt! In case you cannot join a new trip, we will offer you your money back *. This is as safe as it gets, great and simple.

* Minus admin expenses.


In a market with many trip providers it is not always easy to know which one to choose. Here we will give you some good reasons to choose us:

  • Whalesafari Ltd has a 27 year experience on the field and it is the biggest whale watching operator in Norway.
  • We have a unique network of contacts that allows us to offer you complete package solutions with many different experiences.
  • Our vessels and crew are fully certified according to international standards. In addition to this we have strict internal rules and standards that we always follow.
  • Our vessels have all the necessary facilities on board.
  • We take into account the respect for the whales and the environment and have our own guidelines on how to behave once in the whale ground.
  • Last but not least we offer our unique whale guarantee! Therefore you have nothing to lose by joining our whale safari. So book your tour now!

Grafikk - Whale Guarantee Light Blue 300x300


During the season 2016/2017 we have the following rates for our winter safari from Tromsø:

Adults:1195 NOK400 NOK
Kids 5-13 years:690 NOK300 NOK
Kids 1-4 years:290 NOK-
Kids under 1 year:Free of charge-

* The deposit is part of the price and will be refunded if you cancel the safari 30 days prior to arrival of if we cancel the trip.

“Book your tour here today and plan an unforgettable life experience…”Whalesafari Ltd


You can book your tour online by clicking here

In case you have further questions, please contact us via email or phone.


If you wish to combine a whale watching tour in Tromsø with other activities, accommodation, board or transportation, we collaborate with several partners in Tromsø. Please, contact us and tell us your wishes so we can tailor a package according to your requests. Here you have some options:

  • Whale safari tour from Tromsø with our unique whale guarantee.
  • Participate in activities organized by Tromsø Villmarkssenter, i.e. dog sledging.
  • Participate in activities organized by Tromsø Safari, i.e. northern light safari.
  • Different museum.
  • Meals.
  • Accommodation (hotels, apartments, guest houses).
  • Transportation (bus, taxi).


Name/Operator (compulsory)

E-mail (compulsory)

Please, specify what you would like to include in your package.



M/S “Billefjord” was built in Finland in 1986 for the Finnish state and operated among the small islands in the Åland archipelago with passengers and supplies to the locals, under the name M/S “Helmi”. In 1995 it was sold to a private Finnish owner to be sold again ten years later to Norwegian owners. The boat was then renamed M/S “Flatanger”. Here the vessel worked as a charter boat for the company JT Charter Ltd. until it was sold once more.

In 2012 the vessel was taken over by the company Longyearbyen Bus and Taxi AS. The boat then got its present name M/S “Billefjord”. The name derives from one of the bi-fiords in Isfjorden on Svalbard. In the summer the boat runs adventure trips from Longyearbyen on Svalbard. The boat has an ice class “isklasse DNV 1A1” certificate, and it is therefore well suited for its purpose.

In winter 2016/2017, the vessel will be used in Tromsø to run whale watching tours in cooperation with Whalesafari Ltd.


35 m
8 m
97 persons
Wartsila, 6 cylinders, 1000 HP (747 kW)
Max speed:
12 knots