New pier under construction.

Hvalsafari Nyheter

Since the start in 1989, our boats have operated from the eastern part of Andenes harbor. This has meant that our passengers needed to take a walk of 10-15 minutes in order to arrive at  the boats after the guiding in the museum finished at the whale center. In relation to a larger construction project in Andenes harbor, the western part of the harbor has been dredged. This makes it possible for our boats to dock at our own pier by the whale centre. This will certainly improve logistics, something we already experienced last summer when our vessel ” Maan Explorer ” tested operation directly from the Whale Centre. The pier is currently not strong enough to be used for both our vessels, but now in September we have started to strengthen and reconstruct the pier . When this work is completed at the end of the year, both our vessels will be able to operate from the whale center, something that is a milestone in the company history.