Why Andenes?

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Perhaps you have read or heard that Andenes is the best location for whale watching and thinking that it is just an “advertising gimmick” to attract tourists? Well, it is not that simple. It’s actually a pretty good explanation of why Andenes is such a good starting point.

Studying the map you will see that it varies from bright turquoise color in shallow water to dark blue color in deep water. The deepest areas on this map section is about 2000 metres! We also see that the seabed has an underwater canyon west / northwest of Andenes. It is in this area the sperm whales often are found. Nowhere along the Norwegian coast you will find such deep water just 11 km from land and therefore no places that are equally well suited to be the starting point for your whale watching.

The map is made in relation to the MAREANO project which is a collaboration between several government agencies to map the seabed for both topography, geology and biology. Here you can read more about MAREANO project.